“If the dreamer dies, then tell me, does the dream evolve?” asks London-based trio KIN on their latest single, 'Treeline'. The band takes on after contemplative and atmospheric acts like Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky, and, like their successful predecessors, they are careful to give their music enough space to speak for itself. Listen to the new single exclusively below.

Billy, Tom and Tommy make up KIN, and all three lead busy lives as musicians outside this project. That was one of the main reasons for the decision to hole themselves away up in a cottage on the Welsh countryside. While they were there, they laid down enough music to make a full-length record, with all the songs written, recorded, and produced away from the distractions of their bustling home city. They plan to drop one track from the cottage session every month, and today’s release is the second of ten.

Piano keys hold up 'Treeline' from start to finish, between the crescendos of the rest of its lush instrumentation. Vocals rise up like a foggy memory, as if reaching out unseeing, trying to grasp something solid before drifting into an abyss of emotion. The band describes the song as a representation of “the difficult nature of truth,” though truth seems to refer to factors as broad as one’s own reality. Are we who we think we are? How can we know for sure? Leave your mind open during the anthemic chorus of 'Treeline' and you may find your answer.

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