William Jourdain, who releases music under the name Automatisme, has announced that he will be releasing a new album called Transit on August 24th on Constellation Records.

Automatisme is set to continue his descent into the experimental ambient clash of modular synths and field recordings on Transit, as today's sneak peak at new track 'Bureau 1' makes clear. The track begins in a mutedly tempestuous ambient haze, which cuts easily through your skull and keeps you locked in. Never does 'Bureau 1' seem like it's staying still, but neither is it building or fading, just shape shifting quite splendidly, as Jourdain manipulates his textures so deftly, making the transitions in atmospheres almost imperceptible.

Check out 'Bureau 1' along with its official video below. Beneath that you can also check out Automatisme's new non-album track 'Bureau 4'.