Over the last thirteen years, Hong Kong-based post-rock quintet tfvsjs have become fixtures within their local experimental music community. In that time, they've used complex rhythms and traditional Chinese melodies to exploring a range of musical gestures including post-hardcore, screamo and instrumental math rock. In concert with the music, they're also developed their own clearly defined industrial ancient-futurist visual iconography.

Three years after their last album equal unequals to equal, tfvsjs return with a new record titled 在 zoi, again released by crucial Hong Kong record label/music store White Noise Records in both digital and beautifully packaged CD formats. Where equal unequals to equal focused on melodic explorations, 在 zoi sees the band using noise and rhythm to investigate the darker depths they're capable of mining as musicians.

In the years between releases, tfvsjs have established their own cafe/practice and recording space and performed at music festivals across China, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan. They're also currently playing a series of shows across Asia, ending with a Hong Kong release event on August 31 at Hong Kong Music Zone. You can check their tour dates here.

To accompany the release of 在 zoi, tfvsjs have put together a beautifully shot and edited art house music video for their single 'Battle from the bottom'. You can also stream/purchase 在 zoi via Bandcamp.