Last years Great Escape was one of the best four days of my life quite probably. Sure, a lot of factors contributed to that but the music, the atmosphere, the people and the place definitely qualify as the deciding factors. So naturally I'm excited about TGE '10, starting up in just a few days, which naturally got me to thinking about how it will differ from last years'. Well, here are some photos from the best shows I attended a year ago for the sake of posterity.
The Moi Non Plus
were raucous, absorbing, and sweaty as fuck. If you're on the lookout for the awesome venue that hosted the Canadian Showcase last year bear in mind it's been renamed from The Arc to 'Life'.
Pulled Apart By Horses. Is an explanation really necessary by now? If you haven't seen them live yet; see them.
Filthy Dukes fucking killed it to an absolutely rammed Ocean Rooms at midnight on the last night. One of the best, fittingly filth electro heavy sets I've been privvy to.
The Temper Trap are a little more famous now then they were then. As seen supporting the incredible (but as it turned out, really tricky to photograph) Metric at The Honey Club of all places.
Metric! This guy nearly lamped the floor manager when he told them, three quarters through the set, that they would have to stop short. The venue cut Emily Haines' vocals but the band played on, Emily screaming along sans mic and buoyed by the crowd who were belting out every word of 'Monster Hospital'! Incredibubble.
Ben from Hockey gave one of the most entertaining and tight performances of the whole festival at my favourite Brighton club Audio. The only thing wrong with that night was that The Soft Pack supported them and were atrocious. They went some way to redeeming themselves in my eyes when the singer handed me a spare can of red stripe after their set. 'Do you want to swap?' asked a guy to my left who had missed out and got handed Evian instead.
I probably don't rave about The Joy Formidable enough but they were frickin' awesome. They never seemed to quite crest the wave of hype that was swelling up around them last year but they're still going strong, releasing great records and if memory serves are playing again this year. Don't miss 'em!
That's probably enough of a look back for now, I could easily fill four more similar posts with photo highlights. Well, i'll restrict myself to one more, saving the best to last:
I couldn't tell you who this guy is but he was standing around in The Laines playing beautiful, beautiful music and making funny faces. Legend.
Hang tight for more TGE '10 preview coverage very soon, including our 'must-see' acts, mini-city guide and where to find us if you're going down and want to get some 405 drinking action!