Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, claimed by many to be home of rock and roll, the quartet behind Thaddeus Anna Greene are hoping to re-energize the city’s musical roots.

On the new single 'In Vein,' the soulful croon of lead guitarist and frontman TJ Maclin declares, "I know it’s driving you crazy to see my heart ain’t got no name." The tight groove formed by drummer Anthony Foti and bassist Matt DeRubertis provide the perfect framework for the blistering dual guitars of Maclin and Ryan Augusta.

The track drips with a thick blues swagger, flourished with 60s psych guitar tones and even a little organ. Formed in 2010, the group has developed an intense, raw sound that will be perfect as autumn finally rolls around. Keep your eyes open for more from Thaddeus Anna Greene down the line. Rock and roll hasn’t sounded this satisfying in quite some time.