I admittedly haven't delved into the Mexico production scene too much, but one listen to the new song from That's Nice featuring Josh Moriarty of Miami Horror, 'Holiday', makes me think I should. The two have been pals for a while - That's Nice's first official remix of a band was for Moriarty's other project All the Colours, so it's great to see them working together again, especially on a track as solid as 'Holiday'. We're pretty much right in the middle of winter - somehow it's already February - and the weather is as bleak as ever, but 'Holiday' will almost instantly transport you to the sunny beaches of Hawaii with its joyful horn lines and groovy rhythm sections. There's really nothing better than a holiday to somewhere warm, is there? Read what That's Nice had to say about the remix below:

"I've been a big Miami Horror fan for years now. when i started That's Nice I found out that Josh Moriarty had a new band called All The Colours, so decided to reach out showing them my work and hoping to remix one of their songs. That was my first official remix for a band, 'Shame' remix. Josh asked me if i had any other jams to work on or if i was looking for top lines. Started emailing ideas for new songs, and that's how we put together this 'Holiday' song".

Listen below.

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