Green Man Festival (Black Mountains, UK)

Festival organizing is limited, to an extent. There's only so much land to use, so many acts that can play in a particular weekend, and only so many ways organizer's can extend their efforts. Do you focus on the music lineup solely? Do you try to offer a beautiful camping escape at the expense of pristine city location? Do you focus on up-and-coming acts at the risk of ticket sales? Despite the festival circuit's seemingly endless amount of resources and bottomless customer pool, organizer's also have the issue of image. Who are we, and how do we separate ourselves from rival music festivals? Settling with around 20,000 daily visitors over the course of four days, Green Man is perhaps the UK's best microcosm of the festival experience. Held in the Brecon Beacons on the Glanusk Estate, the site also offers a pristine naturalistic vibe not easily rivalled. Several of the stages are strategically wrapped between the overlooking Black Mountains. Green Man also offers a wide-as-all range of opportunities, including comedy, theatre, discussions, and a multitude of interactive installations. Despite being tabbed as the biggest music festival in Wales, Green Man still comfortably sits back among the gargantuan efforts of the UK's bigger events. In fact, we happen to think it's the best UK festival.