1234 is definitely an East End of London sort of festival. The varnished and venerated likes of Damo Suzuki, The Raveonettes & Lydia Lunch sharing stages with the young, nubile likes of Becoming Real, Sex Beet & Two Wounded Birds. Plus, it’s all shoved into a Shoreditch field with a bunch of DJs and a glorious gamut of after shows all over the Eastern end of town, from bands at Old Blue Last to DJ sets at XOYO. And with tickets at a mere £22.50, it’s every poor arty kids mini-festival dream.

If you are heading that-a-way this weekend, be sure to check out the following five acts:

Black Lips: These American upstarts are all-in for a good party, peddling a fun-loving garage rock grrrr, bursting forth in spit bubbles of aggro on their latest record ‘Arabia Mountain’.

Warm Brains: The new solo project of Rory Attwell, previously of Test Icicles & KASMs, bringing a stumbling art rock grip to proceedings.

Lydia Lunch: Post-punk poet & anti-commercial icon, Ms Lunch has always dedicated herself to, well, pretty much whatever the hell she wants. Which is what makes her avant-garde avenue of musical exploration so damn interesting.

Stay +: Previously Christian Aids (having to change their name thanks to a not-so-charitable charity), this Manchester based bunch fuzz their way into a minimal rave-like wonderland.

Sex Beet: The coolest name at this shindig plus some tantalisingly tasty tracks ensure that this trio of oddly quotable boys may well be worth witnessing…

Check out The 405’s 1234 Festival Spotify Mix to get you in the trendy mood...