It's just stuff that I've been listening to of late, especially the Berg Sans Nipple, Growing and Black Dice - all of whom played last night at the Dome in Tufnell Park and were incredible. It was inspiring stuff to see all three bands raising the imagination bar up a few notches. There are also some random Christmas songs.. Tracklisting You can listen to the playlist by clicking here! 1. Unspecified – ‘The Fox’ 2. The Berg Sans Nipple – ‘Our Productive Years Are Fleeting’ 3. Gentle Friendly – ‘Lovers Rock’ 4. Black Dice – ‘Treetops’ 5. Deerhunter – ‘He Would Have Laughed’ 6. Growing – ‘Hormone’ 7. Django Reinhardt – ‘Christmas Swing’ 8. Fiction – ‘Big Things’ 9. Avey Tare – ‘Lucky 1’ 10. White Ring – ‘Suffocation’ 11. Is Tropical – ‘South Pacific’ 12. The Swans – ‘No Words/No Thoughts’ 13. Venom – ‘Black Xmas’ You can visit the Robot Peal Hour by heading to http://