Hello. Here's what we hope is the musical equivalant of opening a tiny cardboard door that reveals a tiny square of chocolate. We've stayed far from the far too obsure or chosen choices to impress, and just gone for some songs and melodies that we both like. Though not necessarily a list full of our influences or all-time favourites, it's one that we think ticks along quite well! - Adam & Tom Tracklisting You can listen to the playlist by clicking here! 1. The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?? 2. The Zombies - A Rose For Emily 3. The Divine Comedy - Lady Of A Certain Age 4. Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Oliver's Army 5. Ron Sexsmith - I Know It Well 6. Morrissey - First Of The Gang To Die 7. ELO - Midnight Blue 8. Duke Special - Last Night I Nearly Died (But I Woke Up Just In Time) 9. Buddy Holly - True Love Ways You can visit Toy Horses by heading to http://www.toyhorsesmusic.com/