It feels like we’ve spent the whole of 2010 on the road with the stereo on, here are our tour memories and favourite bands we’ve shared stages with in the last twelve months. From Japanese Voyeurs’ sound-check rendition of ‘Song for the Dead’ to playing a packed Chichester-Inn with Disconcerts in December. Its been a hell of a lot of fun and hear is a snippet to the soundtrack of a year with Aged Yummy. (Alex Diffley, Michael Foy, Leighton Padley) Tracklisting You can listen to the playlist by clicking here! 1. Late of the Pier - Blueberry 2. Queens of the Stone Age – Song for the Dead 3. Railcars – Bohemia is Without a Sea 4. Hot Club de Paris – Dance a Ragged Dance 5. Kraftwerk – Europe Endless 6. Lovvers – 100 Flowers 7. Weezer – In the Garage 8. The Continuous Battle of Order – 001-2 9. British Sea Power – Mongk 10. Disconcerts – Human Figure in Motion You can visit the Aged Yummy by heading to