Trying to make a festive playlist without incorporating any actual Christmas themed songs is pretty hard. We picked 10 songs we've been listening to whilst walking through the snow the last week or two, or are looking forward to listening to on our yearly pilgrimage back to our hometown of Weymouth. Despite the playlist theme, neither of us actually can drive and are probably the most public-transport reliant 21 year olds, you'll ever meet. Have a great Christmas! Tracklisting You can listen to the playlist by clicking here! 1. Stephen Malkmus – 'Church On White' 2. Yo La Tengo – 'I Feel Like Going Home' 3. Summer Camp – 'Was It Worth It' 4. Sonic Youth – 'Pink Steam' 5. Dean Martin – 'Memories Are Made Of This' 6. Rivers Cuomo – 'I Was Made For You' 7. Ice, Sea, Dead People – 'Brrrrr' 8. Tall Ships – 'Snow' 9. Black Lips – 'I'll Be With You' 10. Johnny Foreigner – 'Yr Loved' You can visit Art Is Hard Records by heading to