Dear Santa, Here is a popuri of classic tunes that I think will help you and your little elvish minions during the process of toy-making. Please listen to this collection of soft, heavy, and retro influenced tunage all the way through to really appreciate the full sonic spectrum. And please Santa, can you make sure it snows a lot so that it will be a white Christmas for all us sweet musicians who are on their best behaviour this year. Lots of love from Nina & Ben Tracklisting You can listen to the playlist by clicking here! 1. Queens Of The Stone Age – 'White Wedding' 2. Bobby Vinton – 'Blue Velvet' 3. Sonic Youth – 'Superstar' 4. Berlin – 'Take My Breath Away' 5. The Unkindness Of Ravens – 'White Road' 6. Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch – Twin Peaks - 'Laura Palmer's Theme / Main Title - Falling' 7. Nirvana – 'Something In The Way' 8. The Kinks – 'Father Christmas' 9. The Dead Weather – 'Treat Me Like Your Mother' 10. Prince & The Revolution – 'Purple Rain' You can visit The Unkindness of Ravens by heading to