It didn't take us long to think of a theme for this playlist. We wanted to make it something that was personal to us and so all the tracks we've included are taken from records that were released in 1988, the year our mothers gave birth to us. This was a great time for emerging guitar music and some of our favourite records were released this year. Enjoy. Tracklisting You can listen to the playlist by clicking here! 1. Talk Talk – 'The Rainbow' 2. The House Of Love – 'Christine' 3. Cocteau Twins – 'Blue Bell Knoll' 4. Sonic Youth – 'Kissability' 5. My Bloody Valentine – 'Lose My Breath' 6. The Fall – 'Victoria' 7. Pixies – 'Vamos' 8. Happy Mondays – 'Brain Dead' You can visit the Tripwires by heading to