I got super excited when I got asked to do this, I love nothing more than telling people what music they should listen to! This is basically a collection of music that has sound tracked our 2010 it contains bands we've played with, bands we've seen so many times this year and music we listen to while travelling around. The only song that wasn't released in 2010 is the Lonely Island song but I felt that deserves to be ignored as we spend almost literally the whole of July listening to that album- we were in tears for the whole tour. Tracklisting You can listen to the playlist by clicking here! 1. Tall Ships – ‘Chemistry’ 2. Crystal Castles – ‘Doe Deer’ 3. Katy Perry – ‘California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)’ 4. Fang Island – ‘Life Coach’ 5. Gallops – ‘Oh, The Manatee’ 6. Bastions – ‘The Great Unwashed’ 7. The Lonely Island – ‘Like A Boss’ 8. Caribou – ‘Kaili’ 9. Fair Ohs – ‘Hey Lizzy’ 10. Errors – ‘A Rumour In Africa’ 10. Die Antwoord – ‘Enter The Ninja’ 10. Holy State – ‘Brain Caves’ 10. Wavves – ‘Super Soaker’ 10. Rolo Tomassi – ‘Cosmology’ You can visit run,WALK! by heading to http://www.myspace.com/runwalk