When we here at A Badge of Friendship were asked to contribute to The 405's Advent Calendar, we jumped at the chance. What better than to choose ten melancholic, angry - let's say "melonangry" - tunes to sprinkle the lovely readers with a dusting of that tingly, warm Christmas spirit! We have generally picked a best of 2010 with a couple of Christmas 'hits' thrown in, as a nod to the big red beardy guy who drops by once a year. Thankfully we're not talking about Harold Shipman, but instead everyones' favourite - Santa Clause. We at ABoF would like to wish you all a rockin' Christmas, although it's very difficult to say that with tracks like Sufjan Stevens' "That Was The Worst Christmas Ever!" Instead, we will leave you with this quote from the classic Bill Murray vehicle Scrooged: "The bitch hit me with a toaster..." Tracklisting You can listen to the playlist by clicking here! Claire 1. Sufjan Stevens - 'That Was The Worst Christmas Ever' 2. Beach House - 'Zebra' 3. Low - 'Just Like Christmas' 4. Maps & Atlases - 'The Charm' 5. Darwin Deez - 'Up in the Clouds' Paul 1. Local Natives - 'Shape Shifter' 2. Deftones - 'Risk' 3. Foals - 'After Glow' 4. Mew - 'Introducing Palace Players' 5. The Unkindness of Ravens - 'Dead Air' You can visit A Badge of Friendship by heading to http://www.abadgeoffriendship.com/