Welcome to 6 Day Riot's advent calendar playlist. This is a combined choice from Tamara and Edd, Dan also put some songs forward but his taste is far to avant-garde and none of his choices were on Spotify. It begins with a trip down memory lane, Radiohead and Crowded House, these are two songs that I used to always listen to when I was living at home, and as I will be going back to Scotland over xmas they set the mood for our playlist and are also full of memories for me. The middle section of the playlist is full of bands that we often listen to on tour as we travel around the country and also bands that inspire some of our writing. I am a big fan of Devotchka I was introduced to them years ago by some friends from Colorado and The New Pornographers are there as a nod to our various trips to Canada. John Martyn "over the hill" is always played as we head over the border to Scotland, it is a going home track for me. Edd chose the Belle and Sebastian song, both of us a big fans of the band and are even more excited to be supporting them at the Barrowlands in Glasgow just before Christmas. It could have been any of their songs really, but this one has snow in the title and therefore seemed apt for the calendar. It ends with Penguin Cafe Orchestra another one of Edd's choices and in his words it is there because "it feels a bit like Christmas, starts off a bit slow, but yet very beautiful before it changes into an excited puppy (like when you open the presents), then back into the slowness of the evening slumber with too much sherry". Hope you enjoy it, Tamara Tracklisting You can listen to the playlist by clicking here! 1. Radiohead – ‘Karma Police’ 2. Crowded House – ‘Not The Girl You Think You Are’ 3. Rufus Wainwright – ‘Oh What A World’ 4. Devotchka – ‘How It Ends’ 5. The New Pornographers – ‘The Bleeding Heart Show’ 6. The Decemberists – ‘Infanta’ 7. Andrew Bird – ‘Two Way Action’ 8. Iron & Wine – ‘Resurrection Fern’ 9. John Martyn – ‘Over The Hill’ 10. Belle & Sebastian – ‘The Fox In The Snow’ 11. Penguin Cafe Orchestra – ‘Prelude And Yodel’ You can visit 6 Day Riot by heading to http://www.6dayriot.co.uk/