To celebrate the forthcoming release of Tim Burtons weird and wonderful adaptation of Alice In Wonderland we here at the 405 are giving you the opportunity to create a wacky masterpiece all of your own. Our idea of a wonderland is being stuck on a desert island with our top 10 album of the year artists (but we're just geeks) so we want to look into your world and find out what you think is just wonderful. By any means available we want you to create your very own perfect wonderland, you could take a photo, paint, make something out of clay, plasticine, macaroni, ask your mum for the washing up liquid bottle; you could build an entire set and direct your own perfect world in a short film for all we care, as long as its weird and wonderful we want to see it! Below is one of our favourite images from the movie, now were not asking you to create a cgi masterpiece of course, but we like it.
Alice In Wonderland
All artwork/photography/films/whatever you are creating must be your own original work. Send all entries to We will be announcing the winner of the competition to coincide with the release of the movie on 5th March 2010 so all entries must be in by 1st March. The winner will be judged by the 405 team and will win an awesome Lomography Diana F+ Camera!