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This April, we will finally see the long awaited switchover from terrestrial television to digital.

We will be seeing events to commemorate this, such as the upcoming Remote Control exhibition at the ICA, which will show works from different artists who have used television as a subject or medium in their practice.

Image: Simon Denny, Those who don't change will be switched off, 2012. Digital collage from transmission switchover advertising

This exhibition, showing old archive material, newly produced works, and a live TV show that will coincide with the closing down of analogue, will cover almost every aspect of what artists have done to challenge and embrace the medium. One artist originally mentioned in the press release (possibly my favourite) is Ian Breakwell, who is best known for composing a continuous diary with not just text, but drawing, performance and video.

This is a short film aside from 'The Diary' series, which we see a rather bitter, old testament priest:

If there is any romanticism to be found with the terrestrial age, then it is in the thought of tapping into airwaves, which has allowed ventures such as pirate radio to flourish. The recent sound pieces by Billy-Paul Rousseau conjure an association with this change from airwaves to digital:

Overall, if you're sick of the digital takeover; you have a feeling that analogue and even physical forms are fading; books and journals are transferring to tablets; buttons are being replaced by flat surfaces; then the following video about iPads by Chris Hopkins might appeal to you. Actually, even if you're loving the digital age, you'll probably enjoy this anyway.