Last Fridays, when multiple spaces in Peckham open for private views and general arts parties, was the evening of MilesKm this year. Last year, a group of London artists travelled to Madrid to put on a show with the artists based there. This year it has been the Spaniards' turn to come to London, and on Friday they exhibited together once again at the Bussey Building on Rye Lane.

We are yet to see professional documentation of the show, but we can present to you written responses to a pillow fight that broke out.

At the beginning of the evening a pile of IKEA cushions was set up in the courtyard of the building. Each one had the words, "Don't be polite... Be Yourself!" printed onto it; a subtle hint of what was expected from the individuals that gathered around them. The following statements from the people who took part describe the events that unfolded, which encouraged mass participation and mostly put everyone in a state of childlike happiness.

"I was very overwhelmed about organising MilesKm, and when we began the fight I stopped worrying and enjoyed and sweat! Escaping reality for a few moments, at this point I was feeling good and ready to confront anything, I had more power after that."

"Exciting, lost stress, nice to hit people. Really strange thing that I've never done this before."

"I saw many things, some valiant, some brave. But someone stood on my beef. The bastard."

"A pillow that hit my face for half a second smelled like poo and was wet. Great fun! (I still played)."

"Pillow fighting was pure grace. All these poetic movements in slow motion since no one really wanted to hurt anyone, but just wake him/her up a bit or surprise them for a second, as long as the hit from the pillow lasted. Arms moving in space with the expertise of a samurai, slaps on the face in the most innocent and playful way, food and headphones scattered on the floor and the crowd exclaiming a "OOOOOH" as if a football player had missed a goal. Fun Fun Fun to watch and play..."

"I think it was the moment to connect more with our English counterparts. Despite the talks, performances, concerts etc. I think the fight linked all our instincts towards the same goal: to give the best pillow shot. Wonderful, prepare their aim for next year."

"When we got there the First Pillow War had started. We were watching when one of the pillows hit my head, then another one. It was then when I had the feeling of being at war and started looking for more weapons like crazy. After a while it got really intense and then stopped. Before we left, people were already drunk and they started fighting again. Second Pillow War was different. Fewer players, but funnier. It was mostly guys so it was faster and harder, a rush of adrenaline, I loved it!"

"The pillow fight was freaking fun 'til someone threw his pillow full of beer right at my camera. Lol."

"Loved the chaos of the pillow fight! The playful violence was really funny. People got really carried away!"

"It's hard to sum up the feeling of having a pillow thrown in your face by someone you've never met... so I won't."

"My beer got spilled. I want compensation. It was fun though."

This is but a miniscule example of the connections between different cultures that MilesKm has created. By working together these artists are able to break down the language barriers that would otherwise alienate different societies. Expect a more visual review of the London show soon. The next stop for this project will hopefully be Amsterdam next year.