Love or hate the Olympics, the hosting of the games is proving to draw a huge amount of attention to art events this Summer. While the city is about to burst at the seams with extra tourists in the name of the sport and spectacle, there is also not enough time in the world to glimpse at every happening on Southbank; every colossal gesture made by artists and curators for the season.

So, to present two contrasting examples, we're about to show you some selected events that look promising to us from two locations in London:

Firstly, we have the much talked about Tanks at Tate Modern. Having started just a few days ago, these underground industrial spaces will house performances and installations all the way until October.

Jon Fawcett: Whum & EIR

16 – 17 August, we will see object based work from Fawcett, which is said to question and change common perceptions of reality and give us an "essentially politicised freedom of both perception and action."

Ruairi Glynn: Fearful Symmetry

21 – 22 August, "Something primitive animates the darkness of the Tanks. Through the interplay of luminous form and motion, ambiguity in visual perception is explored and manipulated in an unfolding interactive experience."

Tracey Moberly: Tweet Me Up!

On 24 August we'll see possibly the favourite of any social media lovers who read this. This will involve Audiences being invited to contribute statements and photos using technology and sites such as (you've guessed it) Twitter, which will be projected as part of the exhibition.

Now we move onto the artist-run, non-profit project space, Studio 1.1 in Shoreditch, where since 10th July, the tongue-in-cheek titled OlympiAIN'T has been running. It carries on until 8th August as part of the '30 Artists in 30 Days' plan; a new artist showing work each day with a private view each evening. This is a mini festival in itself!

We don't know much about the artists to follow, but looking at the work of Karl England, who showed at the space yesterday, tells us that it's an exciting running exhibition that's worth stumbling into on any evening leading up to its end.