Last week the great contemporary artist, Bob Leviathan, came out of the woodwork to award a few emerging artists a stamp of approval based on their "precocious promise and promising precocity", with the prospect of a group show later in the year. This process has been organised by the Leviathan Foundation, who during their establishment, issued the following statement:

The Leviathan Foundation’s mission is to perpetuate the works of Bob Leviathan and to improve neurophysiological technology with the intention of prolonging the vital functioning of his brain. The Foundation aims to support the artist with the construction of a Mausoleum at an indefinite point in the future, while aiming to promote a wider understanding of Leviathan’s legacy by facilitating public access to information about his life and work. Scholarly and educational programs are being developed to support artists and researchers who are torchbearers and kinsmen to the artist’s seminal genius. The Foundation strives to affirm the impossibility of any new forms of Art after Leviathan.

Upon meeting Bob Leviathan, these fortunate young artists were photographed with him:

Kyle Galloway – a maker of amusing and bemusing sculptures; like placing various seemingly unrelated objects on a dining table, pulling the cloth from underneath them, and freezing time a second after.

Rebecca Clark – sculpture, installation and video maker, who makes a spectacle of her work and has possibly the best logo for any artist's website that we've ever witnessed.

Peter Simpson – someone who facilitates a safe environment for being baffled; where you spend a short time struggling to ponder what it all means, only to realise that you don't need to. You can just hang out and be charmed by the notion that it all came from Mr. Simpson's head.

We even had the pleasure of meeting the great artist ourselves (above). We look forward to seeing how the futures of these selected artists develop after being recognised by the Leviathan Foundation.