Recently we talked about the impending digital switchover, which after working its way through nearly every region, will finally be complete once analogue television comes to a close in London this April. The ICA's coinciding exhibition, Remote Control was the focal point of that article. Another show to occur at the same time has recently been announced, this time comprising of emerging artists around London seeking to get some fun out of the final days of the airwaves. This one will simply be called, Final Broadcast.

One of the artists at the head of this event is Max Dovey.

His piece form last year, the Emotional Stock Market, shows his explorations of live art and new media, interested in communities that exist online.

Also organising the show is Archie Sinclair, another artist working with new media, and who will be "orchestrating the funeral arrangements, to ensure analogue gets the send off it deserves."

We will see collaborations form, such as one between two artists concerned with voyeurism and the performing body, who are Victoria Moralee...

... and Andie Macario

Together, they will be putting on a performance which "illustrates both the restrictions and lost aesthetics of analogue television."

We've finished an article before with this next artist, and he's worth picking from the bunch to finish with once again...

Once heard using that classic question of originality, "It's all been done before, so what's the point?" Chris Hopkins' work is all a mere reflection of how he views society and pop culture. That reflection is sardonically fun and difficult not to agree with.

The Final Broadcast will run from 4th until 18th April.