At the Brick Box, situated in Tooting Market, a space has been established where artists have been situating pieces, performances and discussions following the principles of the Agora; the ancient Greek market place, which was a venue for the exchange of ideas.

So far, each day has begun with dialogues between the artists and curators about their work in the central space amongst the activities of trade, and leading on to such happenings as public speeches on public speaking (Dan Auluk) and the broadcasting of a recording made by Rob Davies during his witnessing of a somewhat apocalyptic closing down sale on Times Square, footage of which has been found here:

Above all, there has been a desire to show the value of social interaction between the trader and the buyer, perhaps lacked by the modern conglomerates, and so a series of Photoshopped images, by placing parts of Tooting Market inside a Westfield shopping centre, gives power to the traditional marketplace: