Last Wednesday, it was announced that the renowned artist, Mike Kelley was found dead in an apparent suicide. I read this at the time on my phone while guzzling a pint of apple juice-like cider, and instantly held my gulp to remember sitting in a lecture given by Jennet Thomas. She talked all about the diverse career of this man; how he was in the noise band, Destroy All Monsters:

How he made an array of sculptures and installations that comprised stuffed animals:

How one of those delightful little animals was used on the album cover for Sonic Youth's 'Dirty':

And how he made a series of bizarre, ritualistic films based on found images from a high school yearbook

These works shown to us barely began to fill the chasm of Kelley's career, but what really made me take notice of his influence was when I saw Jennet's film, 'All Suffering Soon To End' at Matt's Gallery. This was art that had taken a profound example from that of Kelley. Throughout his life he made work that projected ritualistic, philosophical, political, decorative and perverse qualities time and time again that came from his contributions to music and his collaborations with the likes of Paul McCarthy. He will most certainly be missed.

This tribute will finish with a video courtesy of who other than one of our favourite record labels, Amoeba, where he is part of their 'What's in My Bag?' feature!

R.I.P Mike