Pil and Galia Kollectiv – WE

Collectivising music and placing it in a pop utopia, WE is a project that contradicts individualism in a song. Pil and Galia Kollectiv will be performing it this Wednesday, 7th March, at the Dalston Victoria, as part of a night of experimental music called 'TAPOTOAL' (Tools and Principles of Transformation on All Levels). Just don't go along expecting a perfect tribute act to all your favourite hits. Fans of Peggy March and Sister Act beware.

Jesse Ash on Bobby Fischer.

Jesse Ash, who's work often investigates rumour and control of information, told a story about the chess master, Bobby Fischer, when interviewed by David Lewis for UOVO in 2008.

"... his match against Boris Spassky in Reykjavik really interests me. The match was presented as a ‘cold war battle’ and so had deep political significance, yet all this hype and ‘meaning’, revolved around the game, with its own rules, formulas, patterns. I like the way this ‘meaning’ is represented, or signified through the formal elements of these wooden chess pieces, their individual moves, sequences, the checquered board and its territories... The funny thing is that as I’m thinking about this, I can hear the British national anthem in my head … because while I was looking into this event in Iceland, I watched a documentary on the cod wars between British and Icelandic fishermen. There’s a scene where one of the British fishing boats plays the anthem through a tiny radio propped on the deck of his boat in the middle of North Sea. He stands there, in his boat facing Iceland. It’s a really humble action of defiance. The cod war was taking place at the same time as the chess match. I love the idea of this tiny, crackling sound in the middle of a vast expanse of water, playing simultaneously as Bobby Fischer moves a wooden piece which has potential significance to global politics. This was meant to lead to a work, but I haven’t made it yet. Maybe it’s better just like this, in words?"

Well Jesse, if those words are the work, then we at the 405 like to think that we have just reproduced them by quoting them, just like the i like this art blog did before us, where we discovered them.

Adam Pendleton – Hannah Weiner's 'An Argument For Black Dada'

The intrigue in this performance at the ICA is the difference in speech between the main speaker, Adam Pendleton, and the other voices of Maria Fusco, Will Holder and Falke Pisano. The way they switch between each other illustrates very well a perception of Dada.

Marv Newland – Black Hula

This animation is supposedly about imperialism. All that matters is someone made a fantastic surrealist moving image for the music of King Nawahi.