This week on The 405 Art Roundup. Artist:Tran Nguyen Tran Nguyen is a Vietnamese illustrator and painter specializing in fantastical and surrealistic imageries. In her work, she frequently visits themes that evoke introspection, combining the world of illustration and art therapy. Tran is fascinated with creating imagery that can be used as a psycho-therapeutic support vehicle. Based in Savannah, Georgia, she enjoys the aesthetics of nature and the out-doors which is commonly incorporated into her work. Artist:Speak Cryptic Link: Artist:Brett Manning Often transcendental and dream like, Brett Manning's art focuses on how we are all connected through dreams and the collected unconscious. The self image is important as well. Understanding who you are as a human being and where you fit into place with the world only strengthens ones relationship with the natural and man-made universe. Artist: Ryan Lake Artist:Tim Mearini Link: This weeks Artist of the Week is 22 year old New Yorker Tim Mearini. Influenced by cartoons, good comics and even the bad, you'd be easily inclined to liken Tim's art work to that of those making their names on the graffiti art scene. But Mearini is quick to point out that his work is "a menagerie of influences and experiences that in one way or another peek my interest, whether it be something like a color combination or something more abstract like a sound I heard, the spectrum is pretty broad." "- But more specifically I feel my work amalgamates two or more conflicting aesthetics in visual language. They don't compete for attention, however each highlights the others unique qualities and serve as a metaphor for other relationships with a similar disposition. " Mearini's art work brings you old school pop art with a modern day twist - Milk cartons, dog fighting fighter jets and spitfire's dueling in a sky of explosive WHAMS!, ZAPS!and KABOOMS! If you would like your art work to be featured in the next Roundup, then send a message to us at -