This weeks Art Roundup takes a look at traditional tattoo art, symbolic illustration, giant whales, robotic birds and thoughtful paintings. Check it out! Artist: Ill Gill A tattooist by trade, Ill Gill is also a practicing illustrator and photographer straight out of downtown Brooklyn, NYC. Gill's art work pays homage to both the traditional Japanese and Spanish styles, which her art shows deeps routes in, as well as her own native heritage and culture - best seen on a vase sporting the face of iconic rapper The Notorious B.I.G. If skulls faced damsels,snakes and daggers are your kinda thing I highly recommend Ill Gill's visually historic pieces. Artist:Ryan Jacob Smith This weeks Artist of the Week goes to Ryan Jacob Smith. Ryan lives in Portland,Oregon where he enjoys collecting old science book and ephemera from thrift stores, skateboarding and buying records. He was raised in Orange County where he passed his early days rock collecting, BMX Riding, Skating and Cub Scouting. His narrative work explores themes ranging from the earth and its environment to consciousness, the human body, survival and hurt and healing. Incorporating the traditions of illustration, painting and collage his work is a mingling of intention and improvisation. His innovating pieces bear the marks of their own history; fragments,mistakes and unconscious marks are incorporated into the composition, such that each work represents an honest account of our development, combing acrylics, spray paint, silk screen and graphite Ryan's work is as much informed by the street culture of his youth as his formal fine art training. Artist:Maaike Verwiji Maaike Verwiji's inked piece of a colossal whale is absolutely monstrous. There's so much going on tin his action packed image with many individual stories being told. The greatest creature in the ocean battles dmits the harpoons of brave fisherman and circling sharks below. Maaike has left no room for error in her detail, delivering a thunderous piece that tells a dramatic fight for survival, including schools of fish and other sea dwellers - innocent bystanders to the struggle. Artist:Nicholas Di Genova Link: Artist:Seonna Hong The more I look at this next piece, by Seonna Hong, the more I fall in love with it. There's something very innocent yet sinister about the whole thing. Just the little girl playing with her toy telephone looks so unaware of the tree about to fall and crush her is enough to give this image an ever lasting impression. If you would like your art work to be featured in the next Roundup, then send a message to us at - - PLEASE!!!