This weeks Art Roundup is dedicated to all those new up and coming, box fresh illustrators that seem to be coming out of Brighton and Bristol University a lot these days. Here are some of The405's favorites - Asbo Dogs, Gothic Nursery Rhyme Characters, Flying Whales, Deadly Alcohol and something to keep an eye out for! Check It Out! Artist: Suzi Kemp Link: Suzie Kemp's Asbo Dogs series is really something to bark about. By experimenting with screen printing and various other types of mixed media on wood, Suzi's has created shreds of colourfully textured surroundings in which to place her mischievous and rebellious pedigrees. There's a real sense of movement in Suzi's work which compliments the restlessness of her animals. What I really enjoy however, is that each piece includes a little quote from the canine's perspective, be it a destructive boxer or a troublesome sausage dog who would always stand when told to sit. Artist: Matthew Tully Link: Sailing in at #2 this week is Matthew Tully and his gothic nursery rhyme like creatures. I could be mistaken for thinking that's old Humpty Dumpty passed out atop of that there rowing square. Matthew Tully's use of old school blue and black ink reminds me of the days I sat doodling at the back of a french class, conjuring up monsters and characters on the back of my text books. There's also a glint of those political news paper caricatures in there too! Tully's imagination is both dark and full of satire. I wish there was more of this style of art work out there today! Artist: Jack Hudson Link: One of my personal favorites this week, Jack Hudson re writes the old saying "if pigs could fly" and demonstrates that with a little bit of help even the largest and probably the heaviest creature in the ocean can take to the skies. The blacks, grays and red make for a really atmospheric and striking piece. There's also some other hidden pictures dotted around - see if you can spot them, there's 3! Artist: Adam Hancher Link: Adam Hancher's brutality honest piece about gluttony and greed is something to think about. I'm not so sure as to why both the people in this piece are pictures as women though. Artist: Kieron Johnson Link: And finally Kieron Johnon's eye-saw entitled "Teeth" is another personal favorite of mine. I've always been a fan of different forms of skulls in artwork and this piece is no exception. The shaded skull against the blue and green colours of the eyes and triangle behind really compliment each other well. There's certainly a comic style appeal to this piece. In fact I think would've worked just as well in black and white! A horrific yet unhelpfully laughable piece. If you would like your art work to be featured in the next Roundup, then send a message to us at -