Artist: Eric Thomas Bostrom Link: Primarily working with an ordinary ballpoint pen Eric Thomas Bostrom's work process involves sitting in front of a blank sheet and allowing himself to relax restrictions so that he can 'just draw' without getting bogged down inventing concept or focusing on a preconceived image. With the occasional application of plain rubbing alcohol the results are fluid, dreamlike psycho-sexual 'surrealist' images. These images are often fueled by Bostrom's fascinations with sex, biology and anatomy. Artist: Alex Freeman Link: This weeks Artist Of The Week goes to Alex Freeman. Alex's personal design philosophy is that design should be flexible. In other words, there are no rules. The thing that makes design a necessity and not just a luxury is the fact that it springs out of our very basic, primordial need to communicate as human beings. Since we are always caught up in the conversation between different economies, institutions, faith-systems, identities, and cultures, our communication must be flexible enough to navigate this sometimes overwhelmingly diverse topography. In other words, design needs to be able to converse cross-culturally. The colors we choose, the way type is treated, the decision to employ certain kinds of illustration or photography must always be appropriate for the time and the place where the visual message will be disseminated. Artist: Mr.Red Link: There's nothing incredibly intricate or detailed about any of Mr.Red's drawings. Simple lines, shapes and primary colours create the fundamentals to Mr.Red's school boy doodles. To be honest, I wouldn't normally go scouring the internet for any more examples of this type of art work. It just seems a little too rudimentary at times and unless Red's adds any of his thoughtful phrases to the page, you're just left looking at a blue faced guy with a smarmy grin on his face. But if I might be able to pull something good from all this, it is definitely Mr.Reds dry sense of humor that is often incorporated into a small portion of drawings. At least in this instance, you're found to be laughing with the piece and not at it and these did make me chuckle! Artist: Kelly Allen Link: Some ideas are timeless. Through combining a wide variety of images from a range of sources, Kelly Allen seeks to create connections between subjects that are typically regarded as unrelated. By researching symbolism culled from a collection of cultural and spiritual dictionaries, Allen has gained a new understanding for animals, colors, shapes, and so on. These creative attributes have served to aid people throughout history by honoring and respecting the creatures and substance of every day life. Kelly is fascinated with the human compulsion to create meaning and narratives for subjects and occurrences in the world, on both the personal and the cultural level. Artist: Crystal Bretschger Link: I'm not sure if this is supposed to be an eskimo or someone with their jacket zipped up tight. Either way Crystal Brestchger's art work is fashioned out of all things loving and it really puts a smile on my face. If you would like your art work to be featured in the next Roundup, then send a message to us at -