Welcome to this weeks 405 Art Roundup, the penultimate Art Roundup to next weeks "Best Of" where we will be making a truly historic Top 5 chosen from all of the Art Roundups from the past few months! Stay Tuned! Artist:Rime Link:http://jerseyjoeart.com Known for versatile, adventurous letter-style, Rime (Jersey Joe) combines vivid colors, precise lines, and bold concepts to produce work that stands in a class of its own. Simply put, Rime’s work has character.A natural artist, Joe began painting graffiti during 1991 in Staten Island, and spent the next years developing his talent in different areas of New York City and New Jersey. By 2003, Joe traveled to Europe and earned international recognition under the handles “Rime” and “Jersey Joe.” Returning to the United States, Joe began to produce work for gallery shows, simultaneously pursuing graffiti and fine art. To date, Joe has painted 18 cities within the United States and 30 cities in 15 countries internationally. Aside from being featured in numerous books, magazines, and videos, many of Joe’s works are still exhibited in original form for public viewing. Joe currently resides in Los Angeles where he actively paints, creates fine art and works on a variety of design-based projects. Artist:Insa Link:www.insaland.com/blog Mr. Insa is all over the London scene, fusing art with fashion and sex with sneakers. He started as a graffiti artist, becoming infamous for using high heel shapes as lettering. Insa then brought his attention indoors with a transition to the female form, sexualizing a woman’s feet and bringing attention to her translucent kicks. But Insa doesn’t forget the boobs, splashing brightly colored goo over bubbly double D’s. I mean, what sells better than boobs? Artist:Korin Faught Link:www.korinfaught.com Korin Faught produces hauntingly beautiful oil-on-canvass portraits. Ambiguity and displayed restraint—both on the part of the models and the artist—allows a sense of mystery to shroud her works.Faught elegantly layers narrative, texture and mood, capturing intimate moments of her subjects. Nothing is overt or one-dimensional. A visit to Faught’s work is a glimpse into a world of beautiful, puritanical beings that do not allow their expressions to betray emotion. It is a mesmerizing place that you will want to visit again and again.For Korin, the painting step of her creative process is the “long and tedious” part. Although her finished products are clean, skillfully rendered works, it is clear that she shines in the stages leading up to the final product. It is the work done beforehand—costume design, staging of models, digital manipulation—that distinguishes Faught’s work as uniquely her own. Artist:Sara Jean Deming Link:http://emphasized.deviantart.com Artist:Ben Journee Link:NA This weeks Artist Of The Week goes to Ben Journee for creating this illustration of the late Michael Jackson in one of his most recognizable stage poses. The dashes and scribbles of colour bring a real sense of movement into the picture, proving that Michael's charismatic presence was not only bound to the stage, but that it could also be seen captured in any drawing or photograph ever made with him in. We've seen a lot of spoof drawings to pay homage to his death, but Ben Journee's interpretation of the bizarre pop icon has put him back in his prime, capturing a moment and a side of Jackson that should always be remembered. If you would like your art work to be featured in the next Roundup, then send a message to us at - The405arthouse@googlemail.com