Hey Folks! This weeks Art Roundup is a rather special one, in the fact that it's dedicated to all of our talented friends on MySpace! Here are 5 of the best artists we came across on our expanding friends list! Check it out! Artist: 325072 Link:www.myspace.com/zabota Not much is known about the artist referred to as 325072. Perhaps this numeric forename makes reference to our society and ever growing population; another statistic, another slave to the game. Whether you see 325072's work as something of higher meaning or not, empathetic and deeply consoling charachters finished off with a neon touch evoke a shroud of emotional vulnerabilities. Two pumpkin headed characters (As seen above) huddled together, perhaps in need of warmth for their cold blue arms really does make for a everlasting image in ones mind. Artist: Aaron Kraten Link:www.myspace.com/aaronkraten Aaron Kraten combines robotic frames with punk rock styles in his incredibly detailed and self expressive pieces.Kraten's work is a perfect marriage between fashion and technology and has a clear outlook on how both of those things might end up in the distant future. Artist:Chloe Woodgate Link:www.myspace.com/bunnylebowski This weeks Artists Of The Week goes Chloe Woodgate.This remarkable water colour piece combines a skull with the seductive portraits of two young women - who are also at the same time forming the eye sockets of the skull. I've always been a fan of this type of art and find Chloe's composition both alluring and mystifying. Artist:Bob London Link:www.boblondon.co.uk Not only does Bob London present himself with having an incredibly British name but he is also a dab hand with a pencil and paper too! Bob was clearly thinking outside of the "box" when he did this one, creating a incredibly striking line drawing on the back of an envelope. Perhaps Bob's inspiration is based on another one of Royal Mails angry customers?! Artist:Matt Glover Link:www.myspace.com/mattyglover Matt Glover aka Sin Eater Illustration delivers this rampaging Stag, fully equipped with dueling antlers onto his page with knee trembling conviction. A beautifully done black and white piece tames this ferocious beast for the enjoyment of it's viewers. If you would like your art work to be featured in the next Roundup, then send a message to us at - The405arthouse@googlemail.com