Name: Yuki Chikudate About me: I sing. Play keyboards. Love cats. Road dog. Listening to: At this very moment, am listening to Mogwai ‘peel sessions- government commissions’. I remember when I saw them two times during their rock actions tours. One of the most inspiring, ass shaking shows I'd seen. Made me want to make beautiful, powerful noise the way they do. Stuart isn't really a singer in the traditional sense and that gave me permission to dip my toes into singing without feeling like I was just kidding myself. His shyness about it was so endearing and gave me permission to feel human about my fears around trying to sing. Listening to Mogwai on tour provides me with a sense of peace. It's perfect car music- cinematic. Reading: Just finishing up The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami. Took me awhile to get to this book. Seems like everyone has already read it but me. I love Murakami. My favourite book by him is Kafka on the Shore and the short story Tony Takutani. He is a generous, empathetic writer with a surreal sci fi, psychedelic bend. I also have short stories by Nabokov in my suitcase to revisit. I also look up Hafiz poems for when I'm feeling down. Watching: Bored to Death!!! Love Ted Danson. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia- that show is perfection. Just finished watching Freaks and Geeks for the millionth time before going on tour. I own it on DVD and am obsessed with it. Also love Louis CK. His show is awesome. I rewatched Welcome to the Dollhouse and Coffee and Cigarettes in hotel rooms after shows. Love both. James has been watching lots of samurai movies like the Musashi trilogy and Harakiri. Playing: Bejeweled- I know, totally embarrassing that I'm still obsessed with playing this game. I also love Plants vs Zombies. Just got angry birds because everyone keeps telling me I'm missing out.
Eating nothing yummy unfortunately. Touring in the US is challenging food wise. Can't wait to get to cali! That's where there's some serious eating to be had. Anything else? More venues should have pets. The Empty Bottle in Chicago had this cat who was so smelly and pissed everywhere but he was so sweet and made me happy. He died a year ago. The last time I saw him he sat in my lap for hours and stunk up my shirt so bad I had to throw it away. His spirit still lives on in the venue - it still smells like intense cat piss everywhere! Coming across dogs in venues is great too. Promo Info Yeah! Currently on tour in the US. coming over to UK/EU for some support dates with trail of dead and then some headline shows of our own in April. See ya there! Fri 15 Apr UK London Electric Ballroom w/ Trail of Dead/Rival Schools Sat 16 Apr UK Manchester Academy 2 w/ Trail of Dead/Rival Schools Sun 17 Apr UK Glasgow Garage w/ Trail of Dead/Rival Schools Mon 18 Apr UK Birmingham O2 Academy 2 w/ Trail of Dead/Rival Schools Tue 19 Apr UK London XOYO Headline show Thu 21 Apr UK Brighton Audio Headline show