About me: This is the section, I imagine, that one uses to lament about their past and  gloat about their future. So here goes: I was brought up on the sunny golden mile of Blackpool, Lancashire, where you could buy a stick of rock with your name through the middle. There were great times and not so good times, and over the years the town has won many accolades, including most recently, Anti-Depressant Capital of the UK. So, having grown bored of my own tears, and tired of my own despair, I packed my bag and donned my running boots. Quite a few years on, I'm now old and tired and married and living in the smallest flat in North London, and it's ok. I have a steady job in the NHS and I record noisey, electronicky songs and sometimes sing them in public. I have a GSOH, I like kettle chips, white noise, humus and IPA. 

Listening to: Today, I have been listening to Babes in Toyland, American post-hardcore legends Circus Lupus, Emmylou Harris and the ever wonderful ELO. Recently though, I have been spending an awful lot of time with the new Runaround Kids album 'Linked Arms', and the eternally noisey and melodic Broken Shoulder/Fighting Kites split, due out later this year on the same label as me (I helped with the mastering). 

Reading: I've been going high-brow recently with Christopher Hitchens' autobiography Hitch 22, which is pretty funny, sad and inspiring. Also George Orwell's Why I Write, which, because of its incredible hope and brilliant plan for a workable socialist society, is entirely miserable. 

Watching: My wife and I are thoroughlyfuckinghooked on AMC's Breaking Bad. The story of a Chemistry teacher gone wrong. It's dark, clever, gruesome and very funny. We finally got around to watching Deadwood recently, and I'm so glad we did. Also, I cannot wait for the new season of Sons of Anarchy. Clay is my hero. American TV is trumping British TV so much these days. I tried  watching both Luther and The Hour, but they were rubbish. As I'm doing this, we are watching that Black Swan film, it is rubbish too. 

Eating: Bruschetta. It is good. I am very much enjoying the Magic Rock Brewing Co beers. They are a new wee brewery from Huddersfield, and each of their beers I've tried, the Dark Arts, Rapture, Human Cannonball etc. have all been brilliant. Also, the sweet potato wedges at the Stapleton Tavern are ace. 

Promo Info:  I have my first full album There's Always Hope, There's Always Cabernet out on 21st November, on my very favourite record label Audio Antihero. It's  noisey and messy, and at times probably un-listenable, so I like it very much. 

Please go here: www.benjaminshaw.net and here: www.audioanithero.com for the  good stuff.