We started in four different places, London, Oxford, Leamington and Salford. Most of us had already crossed paths running a club night together and in various bands. All of our bands stopped at around the same time and we'd always wanted to try something together, so we started sending demos back and forth and driving to each other's houses to record ideas. Eventually we took what we had to Jordan Fish (WORSHIP) and he helped us turn our scattered collection of recordings into the sleekly produced Holy Yell. It was at this point most of us moved to London to make things more straightforward. We still rehearse in awkward bedsits, partially because it's so expensive to hire rehearsal space, but also because it still feels right. Listening To James: The Age of Adz by Sufjan Stevens was my favourite record of last year, more recently I've been working out what I make of Nine Types of Light by TV on the Radio and I'm intrigued to hear the new Tom Vek record too... David:: Odd Future are one of the most craziest hip hop collectives to come out in a while, everyone should spend some time checking them all out, more than just Tyler the Creator. Simon: American Gong by Quasi stood out for me last year. Also I'm still in awe of Jonquil's One Hundred Suns EP, particularly 'I Know I Don't Know'.
Reading James: Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets by David: Simon, Perdido Street Station by China Miéville, both books have such an astute grasp on how people interact and function, as well as presenting an expansive environment that the reader can get immersed in. For the same reason, I've just started Anna Karenina. Simon: On tour, I'll probably have my nose in some Calvin & Hobbes whilst not on van-driving duty.
Watching Ian:: Breaking bad... it's fantastic. Basically Malcolm in the Middle's Dad, a chemistry teacher, gets diagnosed with cancer, and starts cooking premium crystal meth... It's brilliant and addictive. Rowan:: Anything with David: Attenborough in. Simon: I'm a little way into The Killing, a twisty Danish TV thriller in which the heroine wears excellent jumpers. James: I'm making everyone watch The Wrestler with me in the van on Saturday.
Eating James: We're about to tour, so we're stocking up on healthy food now before the inevitable midnight service station diet kicks in.
Playing Ian:: Stacking, the new Tim Schafer game is such a brilliantly designed adventure game, it's definitely worth getting.. Can't wait to get a chance with Portal 2.. Spare time's scarce at the moment though... James: I'd recommend Braid, which is a short time-based puzzle game that manages to be unexpectedly emotive and involving. Maybe after tour I'll have some time to play co-op Portal 2 with Ian...
Promo Info Our first single, 'The Shortest Distance', came out on May 2nd, so check that out!