Name: Andy Brown

About me: I feel synthetic, bending between awake and asleep. Today I had to drive my tour managers car 5 hours from Long Island, NY to Oneida, NY, I'm done being stuck in Bronx traffic, it never fails. I'm leaving for tour in two days, if Hurricane Irene doesn't put JFK under water. I'm a fairly simple complex guy, I like long walks on the grid, eating at the datacenter and enjoying some nice RAM after a long day in the operational server. Oh and cigarettes.

Listening to: Prince - I Would Die 4 U. I'm on a serious Prince kick the past week or so. It's like a rebirth for my ears. 

Reading: Neuromancer by William Gibson, and why I've waited so long, well, someone should proper slap me.

Watching: LENSMAN (1984), which is amazing to say the least. The vintage computer animation makes me warm and fuzzy.

Playing: LA Noire, this game is epic and the fact that 3 characters from Mad Men are in it is awesome!

Eating: I was just eating popcorn with my dog, she gets her own small bowl, and gobbles it all up. Then I take a few handfuls and toss them in the air, it keeps her busy for a while, she finds every morsel. 

Promo Info: Leaving for a short tour with Active Child and Chad Valley, then off on a long tour with Neon Indian and Purity Ring, then Europe…whew.

Photo by Kaela Greenstien