I (Joe Walsh) sing and play guitar in Dignan Porch. I'm currently answering these questions as a break from sorting out house bills. Just got off the phone from Thames Water. It's also Valentines Day and I need to go buy a card, or perhaps I’ll make one? hmmm. Later I’m gonna try and record some demos for our new LP. I've got a proper leatherbound notepad with all the new songs written inside, normally it's all on scraps of paper, so I’m hoping the fact that they are all written out neatly in the same black pen in a fresh leatherbound notepad will make them sound awesome when they're recorded. Listening to: Fairly recently I discovered Kurt Vile, I was a bit slow on that one, I missed him last time he was in UK. Also I like The Country Teasers who haven't done much under that name for a while. The front man Ben Waller also plays as The Rebel and he now has a band called The Devil. Some newer bands include: Human Hair, they're on Sex is Disgusting records. They should have an EP out soon with an awesome new song on it called Chapter and Verse. Also, Old Forest, I’m terribly biases because my little brother is the drummer but I wouldn’t mention it if I didn't like them so much. You really need to see them live. They're mega loud and have the best sludge riffs since the Melvins. Finally Slushy Guts, which is my mate Steve's band, it's really meandering and gentle but then dark and weird as well. Bands we've played with lately who I really liked were Ty Segall and Weekend. Reading: In all honesty the last thing I read was a Batman comic called 'The Dark Knight Strikes Again'. I read comics on the tube whilst everyone else is reading these huge books. Before that I read some Sandman comics. I do read proper books too though, I read the latest Brett Easton Ellis one, 'Imperial Bedrooms', I wasn't blown away. Watching: I'm a TV and film nerd, I watch all the latest shows. I recently I love Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, the Walking Dead, The Trip and Eastbound and Down. I wanna go see True Grit asap. I never watch trailers or read reviews before I see a film I’m excited about - that’s good advice I reckon. Playing: Balderdash, it's a really awesome board game based on how well you can lie. I like having friends over for beers and Balderdash. The more you drink the more stupid and funny the lying becomes. Eating: Recently something that blew me away was the Satay Prawns at Yip Wong Chinese restaurant on Mitcham Road in Tooting. I wanna know how to make them. Promo Info: We're currently about to record our next LP for Captured Tracks out in July and our next gig is with Babies at the Hope Brighton on 21 March. The new EP is out on March 8th and we're gonna have some new music videos around that time too, so keep a look out. In the meantime you can stream our releases and listen to / download live recordings and unreleased tracks from our Bandcamp page here: http://dignanporch.bandcamp.com/ April Tour Dates 25-Apr Norwich 27-Apr Manchester Deaf Institute 28-Apr York 29-Apr Wrexham