Name: Laura Bettinson

About me: Creative force behind D&C and Singer/writer/producer.

Listening to: Foster The People, Pumped Up Kicks, on repeat. What a grrroooove! Also saw When Saints Go Machine live recently at XOYO and was blown away so I’ve been listening to their new album Konkylie a lot too.

Reading: I’ve been reading a lot off my iPhone which I must admit is not very enjoyable or relaxing but passes the time on the tube. Because I’m such a cheapskate I tend to flick between the free trash and the free classics, so recently it was 50 Reasons To Say Goodbye (all about promiscuous gay relationships, love, loss, motorbikes, eggs blah blah, measures 12 on the 1-10 readability meter) followed by Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Watching: I’ve really gotten back into watching all the old Edie Sedgwick footage, especially the Ciao! Manhattan tapes. I’m absolutely fascinated by characters like that, people that are lost to us now but were so well captured on film that they can be just as much if not more of an influence on peoples lives today than they were then. The Warhol once said, "If someone wants to be in movies you can buy their life…and if their life’s interesting enough they can go on forever" and it sticks with me for that reason. I could just watch hours and hours of that 60s footage.

Playing: The bass a lot recently. I’d like to get more into playing the drums as well but I’m not sure I’m co-ordinated enough and I might need to get a shed down the bottom of the garden. In terms of shows I’m looking forward to playing Kendal Calling in July and Festibelly in August. I love loosing a few days at UK festivals.

Eating: Food. Dirt?

Promo: We’ve just made a very limited run of Choose Your Head Mini Albums, which is the first time I’ve put any of my music on a physical product. They’re a compilation of music released so far all packaged in hand-painted digipaks and available from the website ( or from gigs. Next shows are at the Albert & Pearl on 14th July and Kendal Calling 29th July.