Name: Andy Brown

About Me: Drummer & questionnaire answerer in Divorce

Listening To: Lots and lots of good stuff: The new album by Kogumaza, majestic earthen drone and harmony from Nottingham; ferocious new releases on UgEXPLODE by White Suns and Burmese; punishing 10" by Jailhouse Fuck on Clan Destine Recs; new album by Italian avant-garde sludge band OvO on Supernatural Cat; new split 12" from Bitches and Yuppies on Palmist; triple cassette release of live improvisations by AIDS Wolf of Zum... and on and on...

Reading: Last book I finished reading was 'Freefall' by Oran Canfield. We played some shows at the start of 2011 with New York's Child Abuse, the band Oran plays drums in and we had a really great time with them. I bought the book he was selling on the tour that he'd written just before we parted ways. It's his memoir, which details his extraordinary, dysfunctional childhood spent being fostered off to different residences, including a protracted spell as a young juggler in a circus, through his early adulthood dependency on heroin. It's an astonishing book, surprisingly self-effacing and at points extremely blackly humorous (much like the man himself). I found it amazing that the warm, friendly, funny guy we'd just spent a week in a van playing shows with was the same guy who had gone through so much chaos and upheaval in his life. It's a riveting and inspiring book and y'all should grab it! Get more info at

Watching: I don't have a TV but this website rules the school:

Playing: I don't do sports or play any computer games, so I guess that only leaves drums... and drinking.

Eating: Glasgow's going through a bit of a burrito craze right now, perpetuated by a single man, the guru-like Joe Quimby of Take A Worm For A Walk Week. He's the David Koresh of Mexican cuisine, check out his scriptures/blog at

Promo: We've just had our new 7" "Love Attack" released on Night School Records ( and we've got another 7" being released on July 25th on Gravy Records ( We'll be heading out on tour around the UK in August - more information can be found at