I (Duncan Wallis) do the singing and piano work in Dutch Uncles. I'm known for dancing like other people and singing like other people, and acting onstage like other people. Listening to: I've currently got the new Strokes album on a constant repeat at the house. I think it's an absolute triumph considering how concerning the song titles seemed to be. More importantly, it's encouraging to hear Julian tackling a 5th album without veering too far away from previous efforts. It's inspiring stuff to hear when we've got a new album in us to tackle. The other thing is that in the time they've been away, music has much less obvious effect on us as a band now; "Is this it/Room on fire" were our 'college records' but there will never be that record that defines a stage in our life anymore as we listen with a musician's ear. That's quite sad, but it'll come back as soon as we don't have time for music in our lives, we'll undoubtedly end up losing our taste in the process as well. Reading: I got given the Keith Richards book for Christmas, but although a quick read, its size was too daunting for a born again beginner, so I've moved on to the books I studied at school. I'm currently reading Alan Bennett's 'Talking Heads' (Great title) as I thought reading monologue's would be a refreshing angle from a lyrics aspect... it's not, but it's still intriguingly subtle in the character's struggles as they all start in denial. Luckily I haven't rubbed out my pencil marking's so I still have all my notes dictated by Miss Thornsett to help me read between the lines! My next effort will be John Steinbeck's "Of mice and men..." which I will probably read along with the film if I still have it. Watching: I've only just remembered that the second half of "Alan Partridge's Mid morning matters" started again in February so to my delight there were 6 fresh episodes to catch up on. It is genius. You get over the fact that he doesn't look nearly old enough after the first episode, but the very concept and the amount of material packed into each 12 minute episode is astounding stuff. It's far better than "Knowing Me Knowing You" and that had a Kate Bush medley. Apart from that I try to watch any films with a "best actor oscar" win under its belt. 'The King's Speech' which I made sure to see on my own at the local cinema had me tearfully bumbling to myself instantly, and incidentally brought my twitch screaming back all over my face. Playing: I'm a fan of retro gaming. Not massive, but enough to be embarrassingly over read on the subject at dinner parties. Anyway, I got 'Theme Hopsital' for the PC from a charity shop for pittance 2 years ago, and I'm still deep in the throws of it's magical ailments. I'm only two levels away from the finish and have resorted to going on Youtube to find footage of people completing the game just so I know its actually possible. I have to take a month off between levels now as it requires a Daniel day-lewis-esque level of commitment but I've already agreed with m'lady never to speak of it again once I reach the finish. In fact I won't even celebrate when I do. I'll probably just spit on the disc and laugh. Eating: As the band all currently reside in Fallowfield in Manchester, it is quintessential to the experience that we have Rusholme kebabs at least twice a week. We used to go to "Saajans" in Fallowfield, the "Maccy D's" of Manchester kebabs if you will, but we felt we weren't being appreciated for our perseverance (honestly, what is 2 free poppadoms between 5 of us!), and the meat was getting colder and colder. So we found a new Kebab house full of love, and fresh nan bread making facilities and we are delighted to shout our love from Andy's 2nd floor balcony for "AL-QUD's" charcoal cuisine!! It's the best Kobeda bar none, and the bread might as well be laced with E, its that good. Promo Info: Our new album came out yesterday and it's called Cadenza, we also have a single out the week after of the same name, so look out for it ! We have an Album Launch at XOYO in Old Street on April 27th which promises to be quite the get together, and then we should be touring the UK once the boys have finished their final exams in mid-May!