When I'm not drafting suicide notes for the teenage daughters of Disney corp execs, I'm writing songs in my LA rap super group Flash Bang Grenada. My name is Regan. During the day I refer to myself as Busdriver and occasionally am summoned to assault small crowds in counties bordering major US cities and French provinces. This is my friend James, "Hi". He is better know as Nocando and has been a friend of mine for quite some time. He is a professional fire starter and is wanted in every state for every criminal act.

Listening to: Busdriver - I'm re-acquainting myself with the great hits of April Stevens at this moment. The Yamasuki singers, as always, are the theme to my mornings. During the day I've been listening to Kendrick Lamar's Section 80 and have finally fallen for Deerhunter via their last effort Halcyon Digest. But my new favourite artist is Danny Brown. His latest effort XXX, which has been disguised as a mixtape but is actually an impeccably crafted album, is filled with more bravado and soul baring than any record has promised in recent memory.

Reading: I'm slowly attempting to re-read Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground for some reason. My past interest in existentialism pops up as a read flag when I recall my late teenage years so I'm not sure why I'd want to re-visit that darkened period in my personal timeline. Aside from that I've just bought No Logo by Naomi Klein and am threatening to read the thing.

Watching: Tree of Life was the last magnum opus that I felt thoroughly challenged by...and also happened to enjoy. Aside from that I am a fan of the expressional laser beam that is Glen Close who portrays Patty Hewes on that show about lawyers and evil millionaires keen on white collar crime and espionage.

Playing: I play in a band(kind of)? Physical Forms. Look them up.

Eating: Eating is incredibly important to me. My efforts tend to suffer when I don't do enough of this during a day. Thankfully, Los Angeles seems to be at the epicenter of the fusion cuisine lunch truck boom. My life is richer for this. Mainly due to the lunch trucks ability to cater to two of my most impetuous dining demands: quasi-gourmet eats and those eats inside of to-go containers. I've hunted down Kogi trucks for hours at a time in the past and relished every minute. Of course, the Kogi truck's fused elements respectively lend themselves to my food preferences. Mexican food is pretty much what I am made out of and Korean food is my late night mistress. Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese are my most frequently ingested food types though. I guess I should have said that in the beginning.

Promo Info: People can always go to http://busdriverse.com/ for FLASH BANG GRENADA show updates. Also go to http://www.hellfyreclub.com/ for more of what I just mentioned.