Andrew: I play trumpet through digital effects live and play various instruments in the studio, and produce the music. James: I play the bass guitar and synth Robin: I play various reeds and brass instruments on the recordings and live. Listening to: R: Mainly classical, from ancient to modern, but also Jazz (bebop...Parker, Gillespie) hard bop (Clifford Brown) and Miles Davis. More recently,  electronica. J: I had to do a long solo drive last week so listened to Simian Mobile Disco, and Fela Kuti's 'Zombie' down there, and Fela Kuti & Roy Ayers (Music of Many Colours) and 'Monk's Dream' on the way back. A: African funk music; gospel; a Muddy Waters compilation album; Maurice Ravel; Benjamin Britten; Aaron Copland. Reading: J: I've been clearing out a lot of possessions lately, and been re-reading books that have been in boxes for a while. So re-acquainted myself with Luke Haines' 'Bad Vibes' and also been having a go at Joe Haldeman's follow ups to The Forever War. R: Factual...history, politics, science... Richard Dawkins....Fiction...Dickens, Thomas Mann...Aldous Huxley...and many others who write about the human condition. A: Thomas Pynchon 'Against the Day' - so much research goes into what he does. On a different tack, arising from my day job, Tom Bingham 'The Rule of Law' - a very clearly written account of fundamental legal principles from a now deceased top judge.
Watching: A: I watched Videodrome, the David Cronenberg film from 1983, again for the first time in years the other day. It has dated in superficial ways - technology moved on in ways that couldn't be predicted - but some of the ideas about perception of reality are as powerful today as when I last watched it a long time ago. J: Like most people I know I've become obsessed with Sky Atlantic, so I've been really getting into Treme which is brilliant, and Bored To Death which is not usually my sort of thing, but I've found really funny so far. Eating: J: When Gyratory System are rehearsing for live shows we do so at a top secret location surrounded by Falafel manufacturers. There is a particular one which has a Cafe and doesn't seem to have a name, but is pretty relaxed, and I sometimes go in there alone eat a Falafel Wrap with Hummus, and watch whatever Arabic television station they have on. Promo Info: Gyratory System's second album, New Harmony, is out now and the trio play live on 4 May at CAMP London supporting Rainbow Arabia and 16 May at Corsica Studios, London supporting Sunns.