Harrys Gym released their second album What Was Ours Can’t Be Yours on Monday through Oslo-based label Splendour so we decided to catch up with frontwoman Anne Lise Frøkedal to find out more about the band. Name: Harrys Gym About me: The four of us formed a band after a long time of darkness and heavy snowfall in Oslo. We needed somewhere to go. So we found a place, and we named it Harrys Gym, after a scruffy, old deserted gym in the neighbourhood. For the first few months the name was a where, not a what, but at one point it just shifted into being the name of our band. Still feels like that, I guess. Harrys Gym is a place you go to. Not to work out obviously... There is a lot of darkness in our music, but there is also warmth and hope in there somewhere. You could compare us to the typical Norwegian - he is introverted and awkward, until you get to know him. Listening to: Brian Eno - Another Green World I could have picked several Eno albums - but this is possibly my favourite. The way he made this album is impressive - with studio musicians waiting for his instructions, expensive studio time running - and no songs written in advance. And he made this perfect, minimal, beautiful pop album. Most of the tracks don't have vocals but Eno has said most people refer to it as one of his "vocal albums". I believe it is because of its strong melodic qualities and the peaceful, dreamy atmosphere that makes the album feel like an entity, not just 14 tracks in a row. Reading: I just read 'Factotum' by Bukowski. I think he is very entertaining, dark and funny at the same time. I finished it sitting on a plane, next to a girl who was reading the Bible. For some reason it made me feel like a rotten apple. For anyone who hasn’t read Bukowski, he mainly writes about losing jobs, alcoholism, violence and sleeping with (or day dreaming about sleeping with) various women, being broke, having to find a new job and hating it and everyone there. Watching: David Lynch. Twin Peaks is the best TV-series ever made. Playing: There’s been a lot of Angry Birds going on in the studio, but it seems to have calmed down a bit. I would go for a game of Scrabble any time, it is the only game that makes me think I know how a gambler feels. Not because of money, but because I can't stop until I win. Eating: We are very obsessed with food. The two highlights of any day on tour is the show and the dinner. Sushi is always good. And spicy Vietnamese soups with tofu. mmmm! Anything else?: Well, we just released our new album What Was Ours Can’t Be Yours. I don’t think we mentioned that, but it is why we’re coming over to the UK. Promo Info: We’re now on our UK tour. We’ll be going to some places that are new to us, and a few that we’ve visited before. I don’t think we’ve ever looked so much forward to going on tour - which is partly due to the gloomy weather in Norway nowadays, and also the fact that we had a really great time last time we went over. You can check us out at the following venues: 10.02.11 - Leeds @ Nation Of Shopkeepers 11.01.11 - Bristol @ Start The Bus 12.02.11 - Cardiff @ Arts Institute 14.02.11 - Glasgow @ Stereo 15.03.11 - Manchester @ Roadhouse 16.02.11 - London @ Camp Basement (Fleur De Lys) 17.02.11 - Reading @ Oakford Social Club