Name: Michael C H Chang // IndianRedLopez

About me: I write, compose and arrange in a musical pop band called IndianRedLopez.

Listening to: I'm listening to a lot of Twin Shadow just now. Their melodic sensibility reminds me of David Bowie and it might just me, but his voice reminds of Richard Hawley too. I think it's his at times, dulcet tones. I'm a sucker for dulcet tones. My usual array of European bands: Mew (and the glass handled kites is an incredible record) Kissaway Trail. Excited about the new M83 record so I've been going back to pretty much all of his stuff. That kind of thing.

Reading: I go through phases of reading actual books but I'm a visually stimulated kinda guy and i often pick up graphic novels. Grant Morrisons writing and Tony.S.Daniel's artwork on Batman R.I.P is amazing. I'm also flicking through De Botains. 'consolations of philosophy' at the moment. It's just a beginners guide to all the great philosophers of old.

Watching: I've just been getting into 'Bored to Death' and it's pretty, pretty, pretty good. Curb. Missed the airing of the Adam Curtis documentaries so I'm one episode in. New episodes of Futurama. All good stuff.

Playing: Like computer games? I don't own a console but I pretty much comendered my flatmates when Batman: Arkham Asylum came out. No other game need exist. I try and play outside, y'know on my bike or something.

Eating: I don't discriminate when it comes to food. Love it. Our guitarist Dave and I want to have a cooking show one day. We'd just make up recipes, like black pudding toasties or something. Or a show that only involves his slow cooker. I wish I had one of those when I was a student. It's a must have when you simply cant be arsed! If we're talking about when this goes to press, I'm eating a pack of mini digestives.

Promo: Yes! We have finished our debut record and you can buy it! It's called 'empty your lungs and breathe' and we are extremely proud of it.