Hmmmmm about me. Well, I am a California girl living in Manchester England. I have been here for a little over two years. I had had enough sun. Before I moved to the UK I had moved all around the south west in the states. There are many places I consider home. I lived in Canvas tents for many years. I cooked over a fire. I grew my own food. I lived far away from cities and stages. Over time I have tried my hands at many different trades. Farming, building, wilderness survival, working with the disabled, surveying etc...I have settled on what seems to make the most sense for me which is to write and record music and put on shows for a living. It is a real adventure and a challenge. I am learning everyday how to keep the balance. I am passionate about the arts of writing, recording and performance and I find this field of work very rewarding. I love to dance and cook and draw and bathe. I record my dreams in a blog called "you are innocent when you dream" and post them for anyone to read. I love exercise of any kind. I love long walks in nature. England is great for long walks. This sounds like a personal ad. Its not. I have been in a flood of writing lately. I never feel better than when I am in a torrent of writing. Listening to: I've been doing loads of cleaning and DIY improvements round the house lately and I tend to go back in time for my music when I piddle round the house. Crosby Stills Nash and Young's Deja Vu, Paul Simon's Graceland, Bob Dylans Blood on the tracks. In the house where I grew up my parents would blast these records on Saturday afternoons while we all swept, mopped, washed and vacuumed. They bring me back home. I guess I am big on nostalgia. Or is it just that these are quality records. I think a bit of both. I also have been listening to a bit of Sergio Mendes's Brasilero...great stuff. Reading: My most recent read was 'The Time Travelers Wife' by Audrey Niffenegger. I absolutely loved the book. I think it is a beautiful love story and a very well crafted tale. I am a generous reader. I don't find it hard to suspend disbelief which this book requires. Watching: The BBC featured a program called Human Planet which I enjoyed thoroughly. What a brilliant series! The cinematography was beautiful. I was struck again by how dynamic this world is and how different the lives of the people they feature are to that of my own. Like the children who are sent off into the jungle to forage for tarantula because there is no food at home. These are very young kids and they go out on their own and catch these big gnarly hairy spiders. They build a fire and cook these tarantula. They say they taste like crab. I watched this program with a few kids who were the same ages as the kids on the program. I could tell it opened up their eyes a bit. It opened mine. Playing: Right now I am memorizing the 15 tunes that I have written for my next record. Conviction through repetition. I have a pretty heavy practice schedule right now. I love the new songs... they are dynamic and edgy. Eating: I cook every day. I love food. Who doesn't? My favourite comfort foods are mac n cheese and toast. I eat a little dark chocolate everyday. I have been cooking curries lately. I have a mortar that I pecked out of a perfectly round river rock and pestle that I found in the same river bed that I enjoy grinding the spices in. Cooking curries is new for me and has taught me so much about flavour combinations. I've been baking bread. I love baking bread. Seeded sourdough. And I love making corn tortillas. Making your own breads and tortillas can really improve the entire meal. As a Californian living in England I consider it my responsibility to bring Mexican food to the table. It doesn’t exist here and I do so miss it so I have brought the beans and rice influence in this brick house. I love food. It is a real pleasure and a blessing. I am very conscious of what I put into my body. I love cooking for others and filling them up with nourishment. Food provides for me another avenue for creativity. Promo Info: 31.03.11 Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London