Name: Jess Mills

Intro: As I'm writing this, I've just got into bed, it's 12.30 at night and I've just finished running round all day and getting various bits and bobs ready to take down to Glastonbury with me on Wednesday. OOoooooooOOO GOD - can not WAIT. I've also just downloaded the new Bon Iver album that I'm listening to for the first time as I write this.... so far it's sounding pretty special. Beyond the immediate moment, right now, I guess the focus is multifaceted; I'm writing my album, starting to release some of my own music, am putting my own live show together, also touring with Breakage and (whenever I possibly can) with the wonderful Leftfield and have also just got back from the desert just outside Barcelona where we've just finished filming the video for my next single 'Live For What I'd Die For'... shit, seeing it in writing like that I guess it would be safe to say I've got quite a lot on at the moment! Very happy and dreamy times for me right now.

Listening To: The new Bon Iver - Bon Iver, Underneath the Pine - Toro Y Moi, Innerspeaker -Tame Impala, Nevermind - Nirvana and The Suburbs - Arcade Fire. Grace - Jeff Buckley, King of Limb's - Radiohead... just looking at what most recently played on my iTunes here is a few.

Reading: I've been reading quite a lot of poetry lately. 'The Broken Word' by Adam Foulds, 'New Light for the Old Dark' by Sam Willets and a beautiful anthology called 'Other Men's Flowers' a selection of hundreds of memorised poems by Lord Wavell. I've also been re-reading Howl by Allen Ginsberg - you can't actually read this too many times. It's one of the most mind blowing pieces of writing I have ever read... don't get me started on it! A friend of mine also sent me Vision and Prayer by Dylan Thomas to read the other day, which again is one to keep re-visiting and digesting - what a master.

Watching: I have to say, I am really shit at watching TV. I never remember when anything is on and really only ever get into a few things. I'm definitely MUCH more of a film person than a TV person... the last films I watched were Blue Valentine, Dirty Dancing and Breathless- make of that what you will!

Eating: Hmmmm, food is one of my greatest pleasures in life. Where to start? Summer food is probably my favourite, especially if you're somewhere where you have access to amazing fresh ingredients. Recently Otto Lengi have blown my head off with some of their recipes and if I'm ever passing by there I will definitely pop into get one of their lunch boxes. They do an amazing seared beef with wasabi horseradish that I get with the aubergine, lime yogurt, harrisa, pomegranate and coriander salad and wild rice, sour cherry and pistachio salad. They also do the best coffee in the whole universe, its called Square Mile and apparently you can only get it from the wholesalers in Bethnal Green in London… I keep planning to get down there to get a sack of it. Lots of BBQ's too at the moment, quite frankly you cannot beat a good old fashioned sausage in a bun with ketchup and mustard. LOVE Sushi too, ate some of the best sushi ever while I was in LA recently. Also, cannot leave this section without mentioning my love for rare steak or full rack of BBQ baby back ribs. Also, love croissants, anything with feta in it, fresh orange juice, the kind of dirty desert Nachos you get in California, any kind of seafood and if you want the best Tapas you've ever eaten then just go to Barrafina in Soho and you head will be bllllllown off. The best. As I think you've probably gathered... I could continue, but will stop here now I think! P.S Roast lunch (preferably beef), salad dressing with shallots and tarrogan and any kind of chorizo are very high up the list too.... P.P.S. Coconut Yogurt with fresh Pineapple and good toast in the morning with a cup of tea.

Promo Info: After teaming up with South London producer Breakage for her recent Vultures EP, Jess is set to release her new single 'Live For What I'd Die For' on August 1st, once again at work with Breakage.