Name: Lach (Pronounced ‘Latch’)


About Me: (From ‘The Day I Went Insane’ ©Lach 2011, reprinted in The 405 with permission)

  • Standing in Kinko's copy shop
  • Chopping flyers for the Antihoot
  • Cute girl asks me do I wanna enlarge?
  • Charge or cash
  • Flashback kicked
  • Licked my eyes like a big ol' reality dog
  • Fog robbed the scene of all civil rules
  • Fools and apes the other customers became
  • A reign of fantasy began and I wondered,
  • "How did I get to this place making flyers
  • For open-mike like I care about creating
  • Yet another lame, brain-drain music game?"
  • And the consumers became mice running around
  • Computers and paper cutters
  • And I was on
  • No drugs
  • Just blindingly
  • Clear, sober,
  • Insanity
  • The day I went insane became a week
  • Bleak, sleek streets with no left turns allowed
  • Cowed me onto Broadway, North Beach circus
  • Lust and blue mist kissed my trigger
  • I figured some nude dancers were in order
  • Borders I've never crossed needed exploding
  • So, in I slinked
  • Blinked
  • In the raincoat dark
  • Heart hammering,
  • Dick chattering
  • In booth,
  • Window sliding and
  • BAM
  • Naked, giggling, watery women
  • Swimming on stage
  • Me, in cage, pumping
  • Quarters into slots
  • And, oh, I'm hot and gone
  • But feeling cool
  • Like I was finally free
  • From the children's table
  • Cradle rocked I hit Vescuvio's Bar
  • And bum a Camel from Paul Kantor
  • Banter with afternoon drunks
  • Plunking more quarters into juke-box
  • Rocks with Sinatra and Gilberto Gil
  • Money a memory
  • I go up to balcony
  • Kickback and smoke
  • Joke with blonde fire
  • Who knows poets I know
  • And she's real
  • She's not behind a glass
  • Fast talk and numbers swapped
  • I bop out and back to porn palace
  • Wishing it was the girl herself from
  • Vescuvio's twitching
  • Wishing I was sex itself
  • The day I went insane was today
  • And I'm a mad, bad,
  • Sad, lad crouched
  • Inside my name and age
  • Raging at the nineties recovery zombies
  • Who threw me a lifesaver
  • Of the wrong flavor
  • Behavior sanctioned
  • Into boxes too small for
  • My psychedelic soul
  • And I want out
  • And I want to be demon and angel both
  • Don't divide me!
  • Don't divide me!
  • Don't divide me!

Listening To: car wheels on wet streets, loud rock music through wooden floorboards, drunk talk, ethereal buzz and hum of memory-dream-plans, real-estate agents and spies, love crackling through eastern European internet connection and the never-ending jukebox of the mind.


Reading: I Ching newspapers, music artillery magazines, walking directions, Flash comics, coins, bus signs, prescriptions, into things, between the lines and minds.


Watching: Eidetic images, Monet afternoons turning into Manet dusk, my shoe tops whapping down the dark monochrome streets of New York’s Lower East Side and the desperately worn cobblestones of sweet Edinburgh simultaneously. The swiftly turning heads of all federation starship captain’s, Picard, Janeway, Kirk , all shouting at me through the screen, “Now!.”


Playing: For time and for time.


Eating: Away at the no-future like walking on airport moving sidewalks.


Promo: New album Ramshackle Heart out now on Song, by Toad Records. Ask for it at yr fave record store. It’s black vinyl plus a digicode for free download. Also up now on iTunes.

Intertwine at,, @lachsantihoot. I am performing two shows a night in August at Edinburgh Fringe. Every night at 8:45pm.