Forming back in 2009, Mazes have certainly achieved a lot within such a short period of time. Their latest triumph includes signing to FatCat Records, which is a pretty damn good as far as we're concerned. Today Jack Cooper from the band gets the 'Artist Picks' treatment. Name: Jack Cooper from Mazes About us: 75% of Mazes lives in London, 50% of us are from the UK, 25% are from the USA and the remaining 25% are from New Zealand...there are 4 of us. We're a band - being in a band is FUN. Listening to: As I write this I'm listening to Washing Machine by Sonic Youth - it's been a while. My favourite things at the moment are the new songs from Dirty Beaches...kind of Suicide v The Righteous Brothers. What else? I'm really into a Gun Outfit tape that I left in my grandma's car over Christmas, so I'm pining for that and listening to a bunch of John Fahey. Reading: I just read a trashy book on the Rat Pack. I only read in the bath because it's the only place I can't take a laptop/iPhone. That's shameful isn't it? I spend a lot of time in the bath though, so I get through stuff. Watching: Conan and I just watched The Wild & Wonderful Whites Of West Virginia, it made me think of Blackpool. All the usual stuff that people write in these things haha, Eastbound & Down etc etc. I just got back into Coronation Street after about 5 years, so I'm digging that. I have a lot of time to kill at the moment. I plan to watch ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ this afternoon. Eating: Jarin should answer this...he's a leading authority on Falafel in London. I moved to Dalston about seven months ago and I love Turkish food so I'm in the right place. Mangal, Somines, Ali Baba. Bardens Cafe in Dalston is cheap and delicious. I've been in there nearly every day this week. Benito's Hat on Goodge Street, I'm putting in a lot of research and I'd say that's the best burrito in London. Anything Else: My girlfriend and I are new to London so every Saturday we do something fun. We went on a Jack The Ripper walk the other night which was great... better than the British Museum, which frustrates me every time I go - everything seems so disjointed and confused. The best is the Hunterian and Sir John Soanes Museum. Conan and I went to 'High Times' at the Wellcome Collection - go there.