Norwich's finest Olympians have been busy recording some new material, we've had a sneak peak already and the tracks sound huge. We grabbed Chris Neil from the band to talk us through the band, his interests and tastes. For the chefs out there amongst you, he also provided a recipe for Marrow and Coley soup. We'll be attempting to make it later, but for now, over to Chris: Name: Christopher Stuart James Neil of Olympians About us: Three of us have been playing together for a few years, but in our current form as the 4 piece, Olympians, for the last year or so. We've hit a point where we know each others playing so well it’s become second nature. The palette just seems to keep growing with regards to the instrumentation we use. It’s a good place to be as it’s kind of meant we can just do whatever we think we should with our songs. There was a pretty solid guitar base to previous incarnations. I suppose there still is, but it’s not a prerequisite, its just another possibility. Listening to: Oneohtrix Point Never – Returnal. David Lopatin is a Brooklyn based musician who also is also one half of 'Games' with Joel Ford of 'Tiger City'. If you want intelligently arranged drone that tingles across your skin rather than mulching your face then this is for you. The record is filled with beautiful folding, undulating seas of synth and vocals. Watch out for the opening track (Nil Admirari) as it is much more aggressive than the rest of the album, like forcing your way through a waterfall to explore some incredible, shimmering cavern beyond. I am pretty excited about 'Rifts', his 2009 collected releases (2003-2009), which shall be mine once I can afford to buy another record, and his London date scheduled for later this year. Also check out 'Games' if you get a nice day sunny to enjoy it. Reading: The Restraint of Beasts – Magnus Mills I don't think I have ever before recommended a book about foul-mouthed Scottish high-tensile fencers or ever will again, but this book was darker and funnier than I was expecting. Charting the ill-fated exploits of a team of three men trapped in a squalid caravan working on farms in the Midlands, they find themselves with little to no money for food or, more importantly, drink or cigarettes. As the team moves from job to job, things get darker and stranger until unlikely salvation appears in the form of the sinister Hall brothers, butchers and farmers obsessed with a school dinners contract. This book was compelling and hilarious. Tam and Richie smack of the men my dad inevitably bumps into whenever we return to the small town in Scotland where I spent the first 5 years of my life. I often wondered what their lives were like. Watching: I watch a lot of cartoon, probably more than is strictly healthy. Augenblick Studios create some twisted but incredibly entertaining shows, 'Superjail' is among my absolute favourites. Eagerly awaiting the long overdue commissioning of a new series of this. Breaking Bad is excellent and I can't wait to see more. Bryan Cranston is amazing in it. I don't really watch TV, its rubbish. Eating: Marrow and Coley soup My girlfriend is Burmese, so that means a lot of dried fish product from packets I can't read. As the nights draw in and England decides it hates us again, I recommend this soup to anyone who feels a cold coming on. It will absolutely destroy it. And make you smell like fish. Forever. · In 2 tablespoons of oil, fry half a marrow (peeled and chopped into chunks) in a sauce pan with some chopped garlic (2-3). You’re not trying to brown it. · Add water to cover the marrow and simmer (this is a watery soup be liberal). · Smash a Coley steak into tiny pieces in a bowl with whatever you have to hand (perhaps a hand), and add it to the soup. · Add Lemongrass (again, smashed), black pepper and fish sauce. Add as much or as little fish sauce and pepper as you want, keep tasting it till its right. But remember that this is supposed to kick your ass. · When you taste it and it kicks your ass you're done. So eat it. Bon appetit! Anything Else: No, that is all you need. Perhaps some bowls and spoons. Promo Info: A digital release is planned for the very near future, followed by a CD EP of yet undecided title. These will be excellent, so peel your ears and glue them to us.