Name: Other Lives

About us: The five of us have been playing music together for over 8 years now. We met, and still reside, in a town called Stillwater Oklahoma where we made our current record.   

Listening to: Phillip Glass Pandora has been a popular play list in the van lately. We’re big Ramones fans as well.  It never fails to put you in a good mood, and/or make you want to break something. As far as new music, Colourmusic just put out a new record that is incredible!

Reading: The love of Steinbeck is something we have in common. We were just traveling through his old stomping ground, which totally changes the way you read Steinbeck since the majority of his novels are set in that landscape.  

Watching: The lines in the middle of the road are probably what get most of our attention lately, but when we’re not on the road we all watch different things. We’re all Thunder fans, (like any respectable Oklahoman) so it was really fun getting to watch the playoffs, until Dirk and the Mavs took us out of course. 

Playing: Sudoku.

Eating: Breakfast is a very sacred meal to us. We maintain a Top 5 list for our favorite breakfast places and there was an addition to the list recently. The Wild Plum Café in Monterey definitely earned a spot in there a few weeks ago. So good. 

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